MISD Child Nutrition Department has limited catering services available for school district events. Please contact Nancy Ponce-Ortiz three weeks prior to the event for detailed information.

Use of equipment/facility can not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the facilities. Food items are not to interfere with the everyday operation of the CNS department or create food safety concerns.


Cafeteria staff may not prepare special meals in place of, or in addition to the published meal during CNS scheduled work hours.  When an organization or persons bring prepared foods in serving dishes ready for the guests to serve themselves, CNS assumes no responsibility for preparation, quality, sanitation, and/or wholesomeness of items provided by outside sources.  Serving utensils and containers is the total responsibility of the individual(s) providing the food.

 If CNS equipment is needed by the organization, a member from CNS staff must be on duty and will be paid at the established rate. No employee will be asked or required to work without compensation.

CNS equipment may be used only if facility has been approved and reserved (via Request for Use of Facility), and CNS staff member is hired to work that event.  CNS equipment may not be “borrowed” and/or removed from the school.

Equipment used for the Food and Nutrition Programs shall be used by the School Food Authority  (Mercedes Child Nutrition Services) in the program(s) that it was acquired for as long as needed.  

In the event a Kitchen/Cafeteria or associated equipment must be used, such as ovens, serving counter, dishwasher, etc. the campus must submit a Use of Facility Request Form and provide a budget account number to reimburse Child Nutrition Services the labor cost incurred by having a trained and certified food service employee present during the event. 

No employee will be asked or required to work without compensation. 

Refrigeration and freezer units shall be used only for the storage and preservation of foods to be used on school premises in connection with School Board-approved activities (Use of Facility Request needs to have been submitted and approved by School Board). 

Downloadable Items

PDF Catering Request Form.pdf
PDF Catering SOP.pdf
PDF Sack Lunch Request Form.pdf
PDF Saturday Tutorial Snack Request Forms.pdf
PDF Use of Kitchen and Equipment SOP.pdf